5 Major Signs You Need to Call a Lakewood Ranch AC Company

5 Major Signs You Need to Call a Lakewood Ranch AC Company

If it always seems like your air conditioning goes out when you need it most, you probably aren’t spotting the tell-tale signs of a problem. It’s rare for an AC to stop working out of the blue, so you need to be aware of how your unit is functioning.

There are obvious signs of an AC problem from odd smells to strange noises. This guide covers them all. Keep reading to learn when you need to hire a Lakewood Ranch AC company.

1. Smelly AC Unit

It’s time to call a Lakewood Ranch AC company when you notice musty-smelling air from your AC ducts or unit. This is a common sign of mold and requires the help of a professional.

If you smell burning metallic, you could have burnt-out wiring or insulation. Get the smell checked out as soon as possible for your health and safety.

2. Moisture Inside Vents or Ducts

Your HVAC system might have moisture inside vents or ducts indicating that humidity is leaking into your home. This could be caused by any of these issues:

  • Broken parts
  • Leaky ductwork
  • Improper functioning

All of these problems cause a unit to work harder than it should, leading to major repairs or a breakdown. If you see moisture, an air conditioning service technician can identify the culprit and fix the problem before more issues arise.

3. No Cold Air

Perhaps the most obvious sign of HVAC problems is that you aren’t getting any cool air. If your AC is unable to cool, it doesn’t always mean you need a full replacement.

There are many reasons why an AC unit stops producing cold air. A broken condenser is something more serious while a clogged filter is a simple fix. If you experience no cold air, check your filter before calling an AC contractor.

4. Strange Sounds

If you run your AC often, you are used to how it sounds. If you start to notice abnormally loud buzzing noises or high-pitched screeching, your system is struggling somehow.

You may have a loose connector within the system or foreign objects may be interfering with the cooling mechanisms. Call a Lakewood Ranch AC company right away to avoid worsening damage.

5. High Energy Bills

Your energy bills may have been pretty consistent up until now. Air conditioning can use up a lot of energy, but a sudden spike in your bill could indicate a problem.

Your AC may be working improperly and eating up electricity. It is likely time for repairs or a complete upgrade.

If you do replace your AC, consider an energy-efficiency option that can save energy and reduce your bills.

Call a Lakewood Ranch AC Company Today!

If you notice any of these air conditioning issues, it’s best to get a professional opinion. Call a Lakewood Ranch AC company right away to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it before things get worse.

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