Lakewood Ranch AC Company: Why Your AC is Making a Hissing Noise

Lakewood Ranch AC Company: Why Your AC is Making a Hissing Noise

No matter how high-end the engineering of an AC unit, it’s always going to make some type of sound when it’s in use. The simple fact of the matter is that it’s a machine with moving mechanisms.

While some sounds that come from an operating AC unit are completely normal, some aren’t! It’s up to you, as a homeowner, to understand the difference and identify when your AC could need repair or maintenance.

So, if your AC is making a hissing noise or any other strange sound, here’s what it could mean.

Why is My AC Making a Hissing Noise? A Lakewood Ranch AC Company Explains

It’s normal for your Lakewood Ranch AC to make some noise when it’s either turning on, heating up, cooling down, or turning off. A slight hissing sound is actually a sign your AC is working properly during the cooling process. However, this hissing sound should only last for a few seconds as the refrigerant expands in the piping.

If the hissing persists or is accompanied by any other unusual sound, such as a bubbling, this is a sign of impending AC problems. Usually, these noises are a symptom of refrigerant issues and your AC might have sprung a leak.

If your AC unit is fairly old, this is a common problem. As the refrigerant expands, it can cause small cracks in old and tired piping that need replacement.

But what about other strange noises? Here’s a closer look at what they could mean:

Banging or Clanking

It’s not normal for your AC to make loud, metallic-sounding banging or clanking. This is a clear-cut sign you might need air conditioner repair services.

Generally, these noises could stem from issues with loose AC components, such as rods, pins, screws, or the crankshaft. Moving parts such as the compressor are also vulnerable and can wiggle loose over time.

Squealing or Screeching

You’ll most likely hear these high-pitched squealing or screeching sounds as your AC unit starts up. Most of the time, the issue stems from friction between different components within the unit.

You could have issues with the fan blower and motor, such as a frayed fan belt or damaged bearings. Or, these AC noises could come from an old compressor belt rubbing against other components within the unit.

Buzzing or Humming

It’s completely normal for your AC unit to make a low, barely noticeable humming sound while it’s operating. This is the sound of airflow or from the electric current of the machinery.

But if this noise becomes louder and sounds more like an incessant buzzing, this could signal it’s time for some much-needed AC maintenance. All too often this sound stems from an electrical issue, such as frayed wiring or a circuit breaker that needs replacement.

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