Lakewood Ranch AC Repair: 5 Common AC Problems and Repairs

Lakewood Ranch AC Repair: 5 Common AC Problems and Repairs

In 2022, homeowners spent approximately $6,000 on home maintenance and repairs. While this might seem like a substantial amount, it’s part of owning a home.

One of the most prominent issues people experience is AC problems. The last thing you want in Florida is to be unable to cool your home. It’s essential to understand the signs and potential fixes so you know when to call a Lakewood Ranch AC repair company.

Let’s explore some of the most common HVAC issues you should keep in mind.

1. Insufficient Cooling

This is a problem people frequently experience with their HVAC units. Low refrigerant levels or dirty condensers are the likely culprits.

You can clean dirty condensers on your own, but it’s imperative to never add refrigerant yourself. The substance is toxic and must be handled carefully. Call a reputable HVAC repair company so you can get the assistance you need.

2. Uneven Cooling

Imagine a scenario where your house is 65° in one room and 79° in another. Dealing with uneven cooling is often a frustrating situation. This occurs due to issues with your AC unit’s air distribution.

In some cases, damaged or clogged vents could be the cause. Without the required level of experience, you won’t be able to resolve these issues on your own. Reach out to a professional instead.

3. Weird Noises

You might notice that your AC unit is making weird noises. In some cases, these can be particularly concerning. They might sound like hissing or grinding.

An AC contractor can diagnose these problems and take the appropriate course of action. They can also prevent you from damaging your system.

4. Frozen Evaporator Coils

While this problem might suggest your AC unit is too cold, it typically indicates low coolant levels, clogged air ducts, or dirty air filters. Changing your air filter is a process that only takes a few seconds and is something you should do at least once per month. The other problems will require a professional diagnosis.

5. Your AC Won’t Turn On

There are typically three reasons why this problem occurs. These include clogged vents, tripped circuit breakers, or malfunctioning thermostats.

Out of the three, the only one you can handle reasonably on your own is a tripped circuit breaker. You can simply reset it and see if your HVAC unit turns on. The other two require professional help.

When looking for someone to work with, research their past reputation. This will provide valuable insight into the results you’ll get. You should prioritize companies that have a large amount of positive feedback.

Get Lakewood Ranch AC Repair ASAP

If you’ve found yourself dealing with AC issues, it’s imperative to call a Lakewood Ranch AC repair company immediately. This will help ensure these problems don’t evolve into something more serious. From here, you can keep your home as comfortable as possible.

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