The Top Signs Your AC Needs Repairs: Expert Tips from Lakewood Ranch AC Company

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It’s tempting to blame yourself when you get a sky-high energy bill. Perhaps you left your AC on for too long. Did you forget to change the settings when you went on vacation?

Maybe the fault isn’t yours.

It could be that your AC isn’t working efficiently and you need to arrange a repair. Here are some of the most common signs of a problem. If you have any of these, it’s time to call our experts at Lakewood Ranch AC Company.

A Problem With Your Airflow

There are some telltale signs that you have a block in your ducts limiting airflow. If your room isn’t cooling as much as previously, that’s a sign. You may also notice that the room temperature feels uneven.

Once either happens, you’ll need to arrange for an expert to take a look. They can resolve the blocked air duct before the issue gets worse.

You Hear Strange Noises

Another sure sign of a problem is an unusual noise from your HVAC unit. That might sound like grinding or grating or a high-pitched noise.

If it seems out of the ordinary, treat it as a red flag and call an expert to check the system. It could signify a parts problem that needs replacing.

By addressing the issue early, you can minimize the damage. Ignoring it could turn a minor break into significant damage and a more expensive repair.

Strange Smells

All AC units should be odorless. A strange or unpleasant odor could signify several potential issues.

If you haven’t had it serviced, it could mean mold building up inside the unit. When that happens, it can create a health risk in your home.

A more pungent smell could be from burnt insulation or wires. In those scenarios, get a professional to inspect the system. It may need cleaning, or it could need emergency repair.

You Spot Leaks Around Your AC Unit

If you spot leaks or condensation around your AC unit, it could suggest a problem with your system. It may be a problem with a blockage. That needs urgent attention to prevent water damage in your home.

It will also prevent issues like mold from accumulating around your AC unit. The best way to avoid leaks in your AC unit is to get a regular inspection from the Bowersox Lakewood Ranch AC repair team.

Higher Energy Bills

Perhaps you have recently noticed an increase in your energy bills. It could be that you are using your unit more because of changes to the weather. But it could also signify that your AC unit isn’t running efficiently.

It’s wise to get your system serviced to address the issue immediately. A Bowersox Lakewood Ranch AC expert can inspect your system and ensure it’s running correctly. Doing so will keep your bills low and extend the life of your AC system.

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Don’t let an AC problem fester. It could make the situation worse – and more expensive in the long run. Use these AC tips to guide you, and if you spot any of these signs, it’s time to take action.

Call our team at Bowersox Lakewood Ranch AC Company. Our engineers can inspect and repair your AC unit and ensure it’s working perfectly all year round.

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