The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best AC for Your Lakewood Ranch Home

Lakewood Ranch AC

Nearly 90% of American homes have air conditioning. In Florida, air conditioning is non-negotiable as it is one of the hottest states in the country.

If your AC isn’t cooling you as it should, you might need a new system. How do you choose?

There are important factors that go into the decision, such as AC size, AC type, and SEER rating. Keep reading to learn about these critical considerations when choosing a Lakewood Ranch AC.

Determine the Right Size

The first step to finding a Lakewood Ranch AC is determining the right size unit for your home. There are multiple factors to think about that can impact energy bills and your comfort, but this is the biggest factor.

To determine your AC size, consider:

  • The age of your home
  • Airflow and duct size tolerances
  • Insulation amount
  • Construction materials
  • The number and size of windows
  • How much sun your house gets

These factors dictate how efficient your air conditioner is. Get a rough estimate on AC unit size by comparing your home’s square footage with AC unit cooling capacity.

Choosing the right AC size is important for home comfortability and money-saving. If your unit is too small, your home won’t be able to reach a comfortable temperature. A unit too large will increase your AC bill.

An experienced technician at a Lakewood Ranch AC company can use their expertise to help you determine the right size.

Decide on the Type of AC

When you buy an AC unit, you have multiple types to choose from. Some of the common options are:

Ducted and split central air conditioning systems are common in Florida and the United States.

In a split system, there are separate units housing the evaporator coil and the condensing coil. One unit is installed indoors and the other outdoors. You’ll control your home’s temperature through a thermostat on the wall.

A Lakewood Ranch AC new installation is a huge investment, so it’s best to consult with a technician about the pros and cons of each AC type.

Choose an Efficiency Rating

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) uses seasonal temperatures to measure how efficient your AC will be. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy-efficient an AC unit is.

Florida regulations dictate SEER ratings. New central air conditioning systems installed must be at least 15 SEER or above.

Some Florida homeowners choose a 16-SEER AC system because it offers long-term savings. The initial upfront cost will be higher, but you’ll see a return on your investment over time.

Hire Lakewood Ranch AC Installation Services

Lakewood Ranch AC installation services do more than install air conditioning systems. At Bowersox Air Conditioning and Heating, we can help you choose the best AC unit for your home that also complies with new regulations.

We offer 24/7 services because we know AC issues can arise at any time. We offer multiple makes and models of ACs and always guarantee the best price.

When you want your AC installation done right, hire Bowersox Air Conditioning and Heating.

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